Just who is clare turner marshall?

Time for me to introduce myself, I’m Clare Turner-Marshall a life trainer and revolutionising trailblazer. I came here to live my truth, vibe my passion and be ME.


My story thus far has comprised of so much emotion that took me on roads never ever imagined I could or would travel. Yet experience is the mother of all lessons and only in living it and feeling the pain as well as the joy can we truly own who we are and what we came here to be, do and have. From a very young age I felt like there was something more, I had this knowing, that I could not explain, it scared me, it inspired me, it was simply unexplained. Then I grew in wisdom and experience and I learned it was intuition….simply it was magic. 

Be-ing you

Being YOU, that’s all you ever came here to be. We get conditioned into the BS of the world that has evolved and convinced that we are not here to live our path. Why? Well that is a very very good question and one that you have the answer to only if you let it out.

For what seemed like a gazillion years I lived in the shadow of being what I thought everyone else wanted me to be. I was scared to live in My Truth. Then I said, BE it! You can create your life on your terms…

It’s deep, it’s woo woo and it’s magic. But hey isn’t that what this planet is?

Living Life on the terms YOU created…..Ooohh big statement! Right now I imagine you are thinking NOOO I can’t do that! My next question……Why the heck not? Every single person on this planet has their very own DNA so who is saying you have to be anything else than you? Erhhh, that would be your ego, who has quite frankly for far too long had far too much of a say. Let’s change that together.

In my many life lessons thus far I have learned this:

  1. Being YOU was all you have ever come here to be.
  2. Life will continually throw you curve balls, it’s how you bat them back that counts.
  3. Mr Jobs was right on the mark with “you can’t connect the dots looking forward.”
  4. The universe does exist and it really does have your back….IF you let it!
  5. Trust in Karma it always does it’s work, let it do that for you.
  6. Happiness is the most underrated energy on the planet.
  7. TRUST, TRUST and TRUST a bit more!

Still with me?

If you are still reading now, you either are intrigued as you have never come across someone like me before, a bit wt???? As you really have no clue what I am chatting about, or you feel like you have come home and found someone as crazy as you would like to be and haven’t yet been brave enough to be!

Well, you are in, I’d say safe hands, what I really mean is crazy hands that are here to help you step up, be you and LIVE!!!!!

For me now it’s all about the intuition, that’s how I roll and that’s how I help my clients roll. I can help you to uncover your highest potential, your most amazing vibe and to live in a world that you created on your terms because it’s how you want it to be.

The mere fact that you have landed here tells me that there is something we need to talk about and a light I can help you turn on. It’s time for you to step into your limelight, power, and most wonderful life.

Take the step forward you know you are here to take and lets get moving. Do it Now, you landed here for a reason…

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