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Who Is Ctm?

Time for me to introduce myself, I’m Clare TM, life trainer  and revolutionising trailblazer. I came here to live my truth, vibe my passion and be ME. I can teach you to do the same. Live life for YOU, it’s your time, your vibe.

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CTMunplugged is me sharing my wisdom, experience and “how to” on all matters that concern life, which is pretty much anything really!  

Being YOU, that’s all you ever came here to be. We get conditioned into the BS of the world that has convinced us that we are not here to live our path. Why? Well that is a very very good question and one that you have the answer to if only you’d let it out.

with me

If you were asked one question that would change your life, what would that meant o you?

The one thing I have learned most powerfully in my life is that emotion drives who we are in every moment of life, consciously and unconsciously. The disruption created in our everyday living ultimately empowers us, if we choose it, to live life UN Inc. My mission is to bring people towards a place of epic realisation of true self. So we can live in a world where we are owning our emotional reactions.

Living un~incorporated is my way of vibing. It’s a process that I have lived on my journey in life thus far, an immeasurable awakening. 

Life UN Inc is about doing things in a new way, a way you totally own and vibe because it’s what works for YOU and You alone. The one question that leads you to a monumental journey to true self and living your life unconditionally for you.

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